Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am sane

Sorry for the delay.  Some painting and cleaning work was going on in our house and Jaya was roaming around holding a mop and broom in her hands - not the ideal implements for blogging, you will agree. You can expect such excuses from me once in a while. The work is still pending so don't be surprised if the next post also gets delayed. There, I have given you my excuse in advance!

Continuing from where we had left last,  when I was recovering consciousness no one knew what mental state I would be in.  So the first item on everyone's agenda when I became sufficiently alert was to determine whether I was nuts or not.

A doctor told me to blink once if the answer to his question was Yes and to stare unblinkingly if the answer was No. Then they started quizzing me.  

- Are you able to understand what we speak? One blink - Yes
- Is your name Suresh? One blink -> Yes
- Is this your wife? One blink  ->  Yes
- Can you feel the sensations? (A few pokes) One blink -> Yes
- Are you feeling cold? No blink -> No
- Are you working in Indian Bank?  I did not know how to answer this question because I was working in Indbank which was a subsidary of Indian Bank and many people used to refer to it also as Indian Bank.  Fortunately someone asked if I was working in Indbank. One blink -> Yes. 
Soon it became clear that I did not belong to the realm of the living dead.

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  1. indian bank vs indbank - hahaha! you are in great form, kesu. pls keep the posts coming.....