Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who was Jessica Lall?

One name used to crop up in many TV programmes - Jessica Lall. If there was a programme on criminal justice system in India, Jessica Lall was mentioned. If there was a programme on how the rich and powerful can subvert the law, Jessica Lall figured in the discussion. If there was a talk show on the rising crime graph in cities, the Jessica Lall incident was mentioned.

If she was so famous why had I never heard about her before? I could make out that she had met some violent end. I don't remember asking Jaya about it.

When we purchased a computer with an Internet connection about a couple of years after my stroke I googled 'Jessica Lall' and learnt about the horrible crime. No wonder I did not know about it -it had happened on April 29, 1999 which was the day after my stroke when I was lying unconscious in the ICU.

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