Friday, January 22, 2010

Children Don’t Have Strokes?

I came across an article in the NYT which you may want to read- Children Don’t Have Strokes? Just Ask Jared .


  1. Hi Suresh....
    Life is as unpredictable for a kid as much as it is for us why should it be different in the case of medical ailments???

  2. But of course,adults can handle it far better than a child...

  3. Well...after reading about Jared,it makes me feel that as kids,overcoming any muscular dysfunction is easier...My daughter,10 years now was a case of esotropic amblyopia...which fortunately was detected by us when she was 2 and 1/2 yrs old.All of a sudden she started squinting one day while watching TV and the squint persisted..
    Doctor1-Treatment can start only after child is 3 yrs.
    Doctor 2-Child has a squint(why all of a sudden-no answer)so spectacles prescribed which our li'l lady found very interesting and hung it around her neck like a medallion...In 3 mths 3 specs..Suggests surgery to correct the squint..We run..
    Doc 3-Child has squint and insignificant vision in her left eye...Only option-she uses her left eye and cosmetic surgery for left eye...we run again
    Doc 4-Ayurvedic Eye Specialist-Diagnosed her condition as weak muscles..3 weeks treatment-netra dhara,shasya dhara,shiro dhara...tarpanam,bandhanam..By now Ananya was 5 yrs old..We finally ended up at Shankar Nethralaya and that's where this lady doctor explained her condition as esotropic amblyopia-a condition of weak muscles-which was corrected by patching her good eye for a whole year followed by a surgery to fix the eye after snipping the extra long muscles...Today she can see with both her eyes...but of course cannot become an eye surgeon or join the Defence Services.Having worked in the Services for a good 6 years,I was only too happy that my daughter does not have to go that hell-hole...
    So I guess kids bounce back because their muscles are in the development stage..and hence react to medication and exercise much faster than us adults...

  4. Hi Leela,
    I am glad Ananya is fine now. Being so reliant on my eyes, I can imagine what a relief it must be.