Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remembrance of things past

Once, when we were in Mumbai, I told Jaya approvingly about the 'roomali roti' that I had eaten at an office party. Jaya said that she had never tasted 'roomali roti' so we decided that the next time we go to a restaurant we will order it. But what Jeeves would have described as a 'concatenation of circumstances' conspired to render the 'roomali roti' outing a non-starter.

Jaya was pregnant at that time and I dropped her at her parents' place in Hyderabad because I did not want to delay travel till the later stages of pregnancy. Soon after Sujit was born I was diagnosed with T.B. of spine and was advised three months bed rest along with the requisite medication. After three months we returned to Mumbai but within a week I was transferred to Coimbatore. (To be honest, by this time I had forgotten about 'roomali roti'). We had just about settled down in Coimbatore before Jaya had to return to Hyderabad because her mom was undergoing an operation. Before she returned to Coimbatore I suffered the stroke and that was that as far as the 'roomali roti' was concerned.

C'est la vie. (In Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass", the Red Queen tells Alice, "Speak in French when you can't remember the English for a thing.")


  1. Well, I am sure Jaya will feel she has had roomali roti after she has read this post...

  2. Jaya.....roomali roti in July....for you and Sujith...pucca...Was great talking to you.