Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Which hospital?

Once Jaya had to stay over-night at a hospital to look after a relative's child because nobody could stay due to various reasons. That evening, when the physiotherapist came, he asked me the name of the hospital to which Jaya had gone. I didn't blink for any name that he mentioned, which puzzled him.

If everyone took his cue from the noted intellectual , George Bush and said "I don’t do nuance", communication with me would have quickly reached a dead-end. But this physiotherapist was made of sterner stuff. Like Sherlock Holmes' dog that did not bark, the absence of my usual communication meant something and he was determined to get to the bottom of it.

He tried to think of hospitals that he had missed. He wondered if some hospital had an unusual name but realised that whatever it was, I should have been able to dictate it. (He had some familiarity with my communication system.) He wondered whether the hospital was outside Coimbatore to which I replied in the negative. He might have found a Watson-like computer useful but not having access to one, he asked Sujit to try his luck. Sujit tried his methods but was unsuccessful and he concluded that I was playing the fool.

Suddenly the physiotherapist had a thought and asked me: Do you know the name of the hospital - yes/no? I blinked for 'no' - I didn't know the name!


  1. hahaha; there is value in asking simple questions, after all :-)

  2. Ha Ha Ha......Good one!!That physio must have felt rotten,I bet!!

  3. hey. i randomly found your blog today while researching brain injuries after watching a show on terry wallis. on the internet, one thing leads to another.

    i just caught up with your entire blog and am so glad you decided to communicate in this way (and that i found the blog at all).

    your humor and intelligence is apparent, as i'm sure you're aware, and i love that you discuss many different subjects.

    well, i sound rather dumb and american right now, so that's all i'm going to say for the moment.

    ~the snarkster