Monday, September 28, 2009

A very close call

One evening, almost exactly one year after my stroke, someone informed us that Sujit had fallen and got hurt. Jaya and her father rushed out to see what had happened. I assumed that it must be a minor fall that kids often have while playing. My father-in-law came later in the night, informed me about the happenings in the hospital and there did not seem to be anything to worry. I had a few visitors from far off places which gave me pause but from every one's demeanour I got the impression that everything was fine.

It was only after three days that I came to know exactly what had happened. I assumed that Sujit had to stay in the hospital for precaution but I was not sure what was the reason. It was only after Sujit returned home and I saw his face swollen grotesquely that I realised that it was not as small a fall as I had assumed.

Apparently, Sujit was playing on the landing outside our house, which was on the 2nd floor. He lost his balance and before anyone could catch him he fell down a narrow gap between a wall and the staircase. He landed on the ground floor where a neighbour saw him and alerted us. Jaya and her father took him to the hospital where the neurologist examined him and said he had a skull fracture which would heal by itself. The scan report showed there were no internal injuries but the doctor said he has to be kept under observation for a couple of days.

For months after the fall we kept observing Sujit to make sure that there were no lasting effects. It was easily the luckiest we have ever been in our lives.


  1. Dear Suresh,

    I am a friend of Ramanunni from engg days. Though I never had a chance to meet you, Unni's parents and Jaya know me. Like everyone, I was shocked to know about your incident. I keep enquiring about you with Unni. Today, when I spoke to me he mentioned about your blog and I instantly read thru it.

    I always wondered what your are going thru, about how you communicate, how you manage your time, etc. Reading thru your blog was like an enlightenment and I am actually very surprised by your positive frame of mind. You are and will be an inspiration all those people who feel low in their lives due to critical situations like yours and also not so critical ones.

    Hats off to you and Jaya!

    I look forward to meeting you some day and like all the people who see you for the 1st time, I might also feel awkward about what and how to talk to you, even after reading thru your blog. :) Also, its been along time that I have met uncle, aunty and Jaya. Cheers!

  2. Hi Suresh,

    This is Unni’s friend Srikala. I knew Jaya since my engineering college days. I could not meet you as your wedding happened to be in same month as mine and I left India after that. Though I know about this incident I could never dare to talk to Jaya as I always debate myself about what should I talk? How should I start? What could be her feelings? Is this time OK? I could only check with Unni for updates. I feel so guilty and small now.

    Your blog is very enriching and I cannot believe you could say so much with just blink (yes) and no blink (No). If there is an award for best communication skills, that should be given to you and Jaya.
    I’m impressed with your motto ‘Ask not what you can do with speech; ask what lack of speech can do for you’.

    You are doing great job by giving us an opportunity to read and get enlightened.

    Looking forward for new postings.

  3. Yesterday night I watched the film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and after it i felt so compelled about the story that I googled the disease. I came upon your blog and I read all of your posts with so much interest, that it was 3 AM in the morning and I was still awake, despite today I had to wake up early!
    Keep it doing, so far it's great!
    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.