Monday, March 26, 2012


Whatever T.V. viewing I do is when I am lying on the bed at which time I can't read books or do any browsing. I rarely watch T.V. when sitting, an exception being when there is a ding-dong battle going on between any two of the trio of Nadal-Djokovic-Federer. Most of the programs seem like prolefeed. I am from the same school of thought as Roald Dahl. Old fashioned, no? I begin the day by getting the Indian news headlines, then watch BBC for a few minutes and then usually switch to some sports or nature channel.

Once, when the nurse was channel surfing, I came across a re-run of an episode of 'We the people' on NDTV.This episode was called 'We the Tweeple' because it was about the effect of social media like Twitter and Facebook so I decided to listen to it. There was a discussion about a blog post called 'An open letter to a Delhi boy' apparently written by a girl who called herself 'Madrasan'. It seemed that the post had gone viral on Twitter and had been the subject of much discussion. I first thought that the girl had studied in a madrassa and the post had something to do with religion. But the girl (who was present in the program) did not look the orthodox type who had gone to a religious school.

I missed part of the discussion because Jaya had come into the room to ask me about something. I then heard the girl say that she had received death threats and had to go to the police. Since all too often this is the preferred method of displaying the much acclaimed 'religious tolerance', it seemed to increase the likelihood that the post had to do with religion. But there was no mention of religion during the program so I was puzzled.

When I finally managed to sit, I checked with The One Who Knows Everything - Google (you thought it was Neetu Singh, didn't you?) - and it turned out to be a fiery post that had nothing to do with what I had thought it might be about. I was on the wrong track regarding 'Madrasan'.


  1. hello..
    do you have email address? how i can contact you

    i read about " I suffered a brain stem stroke which left me a quadriplegic without speech."

    how can you write this blog??

    please reply..
    thank you.

    1. Hi Golokperak,

      About writing the blog, please read my early posts where I have mentioned the details. My mail ID is

  2. i have read your story from early post..

    i read that you can communicate using letters of alphabet board with help from jaya(your wife)
    and with your blink of eye..

    but i don't get the story how you can typing letters (from keyboard or else) to this blog..

    or where the part of this blog that tell about that, because i have repeat read again from your 2009 blog, still not find the answer

  3. Let me explain. Jaya (or any other assistant) used to type on his behalf. Recently my team has given him a system by which he can type on computer using brain-computer interface by himself. He has started using it since last 15 days or so and is slowly improving.