Thursday, April 30, 2009

I lose consciousness

I saw a lot of people around asking me various questions but could not respond. Next thing I know I was in a car being taken somewhere. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I was lying on a stretcher (I think) and a nurse was taking my blood pressure. I again closed my eyes and when I opened them I found myself in a car (I am told it was an ambulance) and I heard, "K.G.Hospital".

On the way, I distinctly felt four snaps in quick succession which seemed to detach my four limbs from my body. It was as if I was a puppet to which four limbs were attached with strings, each of which were cut one after another.

I must have passed out again because when I opened my eyes I saw doctors and nurses around me shouting instructions. One doctor used a tongue depressor to examine my mouth. I bit it so hard that two teeth broke off and I saw somebody holding them up. That was the last thing I remember before I lost consciousness.

The time from when the bathroom door was broken open to when I reached K.G.Hospital was about three hours but it seemed to me like half an hour. I must have been drifting in and out of consciousness.


  1. Dear Suresh/Jayashree/Sujit, Thanks for the fantastic time when we visited you last week.

    Please do keep writing - I am aware of the extra-ordinary effort and time that goes into writing every word here but please keep going - this is a great way to keep in touch..

    - Gopal

  2. Dear Sir

    I am a feature reporter at the newspaper Muscat Daily. I was wondering if we could work on a feature about your amazing journey. Please do forward your email address to me so that we can stay in touch. Mine is

    Amar Basu
    Feature Reporter
    Muscat Daily