Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why "I do"?

Ironically the name of my blog is from an author whose philosophy I don't like - Ayn Rand. It is from an incident in the only book of hers that I have read - The Fountainhead. I don't remember the details of the book but broadly the incident was as follows:

One of the major characters in the book, Gail Wynand, was a street kid in New York. He was once accosted by a gang and thrashed for some reason. The gang leader told him, "You don't run things around here."

When he grew up he became a powerful newspaper magnate and bought up the area where he was thrashed. He then bought a yacht and named it "I do" as an answer to the leader of the gang that had thrashed him.

Similarly, if someone asked me whether I have a life after suffering a brain stem stroke, I will reply "I do".


  1. Kesu, great idea. Best wishes. Count on me as one of your regular readers from now on.

    Let me start by disagreeing with you on your dislike of the Ayn Rand philosophy. The coming years of world history will be made by people at your end of the spectrum and in a decade or so, we will all come to our senses and agree that the intellectual might of Ayn Rand was worth something, after all.

    Good luck.


  2. Kesu,

    While Ayn Rand has its appeal as it celebrates individual enterprise, it ultimately results in survival of the fittest. What has made me pause and think about this is that we (among the more privileged) have had the advantage of being brought up in an environment which makes it that much easier for us to succeed (as defined by each one of us). Same cannot be said about vast majority of people in the world.

    Keep it going, Kesu.

  3. Hi Kesu,

    Good to see you blogging away! We lost touch a few years ago after I moved from Singapore to Germany, so I am glad to hear from you again, even if it means disagreeing with you on the dislike of Any Rand. Say hi to Jeyashree - she is the right super-woman for a super-man like you!

    Vijay Sai
    batch of 1998

  4. Hello Kesu! I'm a fellow Coimbatorean now in Bangalore. Can't agree with you more, though I was fascinated with Ayn Rand when I was kid. Look forward to your blog to unfold...


  5. Hi Suresh, Waiting eagaerly to meet the SUPER COUPLE, together U WILL! C.U on 23rd April 2010.