Friday, April 24, 2009

The worst is often true

So mused Miss Marple in one Agatha Christie novel. As usual, she was right.

April 28th 1999. I got up that morning after an uncomfortable night. I had had a slight headache throughout the night. It was not the normal type of headache where you think that someone is sitting inside your head and hammering away at your temple with a blunt instrument. It was more like a discomfort which refused to go away and I did not know what to do about it.

I had a cup of tea and browsed quickly through the newspaper. Then I decided that if after a shower I did not feel better, I will skip office.

Soon after I entered the bathroom, I started feeling giddy. I sat down slowly, then I lay down on the floor thinking that the coldness will make me feel better. I think I reached for the door but I don't know whether I moved or not.

Next thing I know is that some hands were pulling me out. My sister had heard some gasping sounds and alerted some neighbours who broke open the door and pulled me out. Jaya and Sujit (My son, who was then 9 months old) were away in Hyderabad because Jaya's mom had to undergo a surgery. My mother and sister were with me at the time.


  1. Suresh and Jaya - I am so glad to read this blog. I look forward to exchanging notes with you and keeping in touch. I hope to see regular updates from you here. I like the reason you chose the name for the blog. Please convey my regards to Sujit, Venu Uncle and Aunty.

    Suresh (Kamalanagar / California)

  2. suresh,
    I am so glad that you are doing this blog. when I read this entry I wondered whether this is what my sister went through, but she was not fortunate enough to come out alive.
    Life is so unpredictable and there is a huge learning hidden behind every bend and bump.

    Hope you remember me, I visited you briefly when we were in CBE recently


  3. Hi Suresh,

    I am a friend of Raman (UNNI). I had visited and met Jaya in HYd, in 1998. I am very inspired by your story and your comments on life. I am suffering with a Neurological disorder, and my outlook to life has been positive till date, but after reading your story, I look forward for tomorrow and I promise myself to be a brighter person. God has his unique way of doing things,He has taken away my capacity to walk. I am 38 now. I am blessed with two beautiful kids. I am fortunate that I can see them grow up. I live in New Jersey, and have all the amenities to carry on life ( though not normal)

    I have a new statement in life, I DO !!!

    Thanks to you,


  4. Hi Suresh and Jaya chechy,

    It is so nice that you are taking an effort to motivate others with your experience. Keep going with the same spirit....

    Ramya Aramath
    Dallas, USA